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We support our members at every stage of their aviation journey. Join PPN today and get the resources you need to help you develop and maintain your flying skills, deepen your knowledge, and strengthen your aviation identity.

By joining you are not only supporting this network and production of materials for your local PPN meetings, but you also gain access to the growing number of exclusive benefits such us:

  • A list of virtual proficiency events you can participate in.
  • Ability to participate virtually in the PPN hybrid flagship meeting of Albany, NY on a monthly basis.
  • Access to the discussion forum with a Question of the Month monthly challenge.
  • ClimaDrive for PPN members - Experience real-life weather briefing for home simulation or Aviation Training Device and practice your aviation decision skills! (Regular membership level only)
  • Membership directory which will allow you to connect and network with other member pilots and flight instructors.
  • SAFEList(tm) - where member pilots can search for other pilots to ride along as safety pilots.

  • Ask an Air Traffic Controller live Q&A which will allow you to resolve any doubts or simply satisfy your curiocity when it comes to a view from a tower (coming soon!)
  • Deep discounts on training services including the virtual live classroom sessions, onside speaker services or virtual one-on-one training with a certified flight instructor.
  • And much more

One-on-One with Radek - Member only price - $40/hr. (click to schedule) - Aviation does not have to be, and it is not complicated. In those one-on-one live sessions, Radek will break down complex and many times misunderstood aviation subjects in simple terms you can understand without having to memorize them or being an expert in FAA regulations, meteorology, airspace design, or aircraft engineering. What you will learn you will be able to apply for practical purposes in your aviation activities as well as practical and knowledge tests.

Upcoming virtual lectures

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