Pilot Proficiency Network(TM)                

Become a Part of Our Movement!

Are you an established, nonprofit organization, flight school, or a group of pilots at an airport interested in connecting with a nationwide network?

Are you someone who has a vision of creating a supportive environment where pilots with various experience and ratings can enjoy exchanging ideas to learn from each other experiences?

Are you looking to increase activity around your airport? Do you want to help your fellow pilot friends?

Suppose you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions but aren’t quite sure where to begin. In that case, The Pilot Proficiency Network is interested in exploring the option of establishing a chapter of the Pilot Proficiency Network in your community.

PPN provides you with the perfect forum! This program was established to create a community of pilots who share information by fostering comradery to promote safety and build proficiency. We are funded exclusively by pilots in the field like yourself.

Once you become a chapter, you will gain access to materials that will allow you to conduct meetings and discussions based on actual events and situations. Those will include scenarios, Questions of the Month, and other resources related to those scenarios that can be used in any flight simulator.

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