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Pilot Proficiency Network(TM)      

What is the Pilot Proficiency Network?

Designed by Radek Wyrzykowski, the founder and creator of the IMC Club, PPN, through its Chapter structure and online collaboration, provides organized "hangar flying" and brings ADM training to the next level. The network increases real-world pilot proficiency and comfort in actual IMC through monthly meetings to help members build, maintain, and refine skills with their peers. The program uses a combination of proprietary climate modeling systems provided by ClimaDrive for randomized, realistic weather conditions to dissect as a group and make pragmatic go/no-go decisions and flight plans. Flight training devices will also be utilized to allow for direct skill-building and as a tool to practice aeronautical decision-making.

The program's network believes that we develop safety and proficiency through real-life experience and practice. We have a mission here to restore the human connection between pilots. It's why we love engagement interactions so much! Monthly meetings offer an opportunity to share in-flight experiences and valuable safety tips. You do not have to be an instrument-rated to attend, and membership is suited to everyone's pocketbook, with memberships available from a dollar a year.

Pilots and instructors can participate in the Pilot Proficiency Network by opening a chapter of their own. No fee is charged to past and current IMC Club groups to participate.

Please tell us your story!

Please, submit and share your flight experience with your fellow members. All our materials for discussion are based on real-life experience.

Our network pilots thrive on learning from others during informal hangar flying sessions by practicing making go-no-go decisions and discussing possible outcomes of real-life situations encountered by pilots like yourself. All submissions are kept anonymous unless elected otherwise. An easy online form will guide you through the short submission process. No story is too trivial or challenging, and we will make proper adjustments and edits to fit in a format applicable to most pilots. We appreciate your involvement in advance.

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